Conversions are statues they we haven't got a mold for. So what we do is use other statues to make them look like the statue of you're choosing. These statues will cost more because of the materials used and time spent. For any inquires: Email- or Phone- 0151 228 4011
Here is some examples of Conversions we have done in the past.

3ft St Raymond

42inch St Barnabas

42inch St John the Baptist

40inch St Teresa of Avila

St John

4ft Fr Edward Oldcorne

42" St Giles

3ft St Andrew

4ft 4" St Augustine

3ft St Aiden

3ft St Boniface

42" St Brendan

3ft St David

42" St Helen

42" St Margret of Scotland

42" St Edward

42" St Mathew

4ft 4" St Thomas of Canterbury

3ft St Kevin

3ft St Paul

3ft St Benet

3ft St James